Home Spa? Make your Bathroom an Oasis
October 20, 2022

Home Spa? Make your Bathroom an Oasis

Bathroom renovations have always been inspired by personal choice and preference. One sink or two? Pedestal or countertop? Farmhouse Sink? These are matters of not just aesthetic, but also preference.  In fact, preference-based renovations are rising in popularity as many people realize that home is their one and only oasis - and where many of us are spending a lot more time. Why shouldn't your bathroom be as luxurious and relaxing as possible?

We are seeing master suites of all shapes and sizes reimagined to provide a more spa-like experience to homeowners. It's time to imagine what the perfect bathroom spa might be for your home and embrace the at-home luxury trend.

So what, exactly, creates that spa experience in your home bathroom? Let's dive into the trends.  

1) A Spacious Place to Soak

This year, home renovations are setting a unique divide - between walk-in showers and giant soaker tubs. Some can't wait to rip out the old tub and install a gloriously spacious stone clad shower stall so deep they don't need a curtain or shower door. Others are shrinking the shower to make room for the soaker tub of their dreams, complete with molded seats and jacuzzi jets.  

Which is the spacious bathing experience that you are dreaming of? With this new trend in personalized master suites, the choice is entirely up to you. Both upgrades can improve the value of your home when done correctly, so are you more of a hot springs or warm rain kind of person when it comes to spending hours luxuriating in hot water?

2) Let the Rain Fall Down

The single most popular type of showerhead for luxury bathroom upgrades is the rainfall showerhead. From normal showerhead width to a 3-foot-wide square of rainfall holes, any shower can become the perfect place for a rainfall. In fact, the straight-down rainfall shower design can even be installed directly above your soaker tub so you don't have to 100% choose between your tub and a handy shower.

3) Heated Floors and Beautiful New Tiles

Another stimulating trend is heated floors. There is nothing quite like stepping into your bathroom on a cold winter day to discover the tiles already gently warm and comfortable under your bare feet. Stepping out of the shower or brushing your teeth before bed, you can enjoy the luxury of a warm bathroom and warm feet. 

Heated floors have come a long way in the last five years with specialty membranes and smart home controllers. Having your floors heated is also a fantastic opportunity to choose new tiles for your bathroom floor - tiles that are both beautiful and perfectly heat-conductive for your ideal winter floor.

4) Stack Plush Towels on Bamboo Shelves

Nothing feels more like a spa than stacks of perfectly folded fluffy towels on beautiful natural-tone wood shelves Combine both spa aesthetics into the perfect organization upgrade for your bathroom. Use natural toned and water-resistant woods like bamboo to brighten up your bathroom and provide a little extra shelving around the edges. Then stack every spare shelf to the top with your fluffiest matching towels. You're sure to feel like you stepped out of the sauna or hot tub at the spa each time you reach for one of those beautiful towels.

5) Make Scent Part of the Experience

How can you make your senses tell you that your bathroom is a spa? Change the scent. Make scent part of your new bathroom design. Give yourself places to put scent diffusers, add scented candles (be sure each candle has the same scent, or complimentary scents, if you light more than one), and little shelves for crisply fragrant potted plants. You might choose to make your bathroom smell like lemon grass or eucalyptus - something sharp and fresh that makes the mind think "ahhhh" every time you walk through the door.

Scent is an important part of bathroom design and deciding the scents in your bathroom makes it possible to fully shape your experience. You can even start washing your towels with a matching scent so each one smells like your private spa when you press its fluffy folds to your face.

6) Soften The Vanity Lighting Design

The single harshest part of most older bathrooms would be the vanity lighting. Those glaring uncovered bulbs may make it easy to do your makeup, but they are hardly relaxing. Work with your bathroom remodeling team to design an all-new array of bathroom light fixtures to provide both visual clarity and a soothing bath experience. 

Choose lights that can be dimmed or layered down when you want to take a long relaxing soak in the tub. Give yourself a nightlight design for midnight shuffles to the bathroom. Add a water-protected light above the shower so you can finally see during your daily rituals. You can both soften that harsh vanity lighting and provide a much more versatile lighting design to your bathroom at the same time.

7) Incorporate a Smart Home Speaker

A single smart home speaker can make a world of difference in your bathroom spa transformation. It can play soothing spa music (or your favorite instrumentals) when it's time to relax. It can report the news to you during your morning shower and preparations. With the right bulbs, your smart speaker can dim the lights and change their colors with a simple voice command.

If you want your spa bathroom to work with and for you, install a smart hub speaker and invest a little extra in voice-responsive fixtures like lights and fans.

8) A Place to Lounge

What is the one thing that spa bathrooms often have that normal bathrooms do not? Seating. If you have enough space, give yourself an extra place to sit or lounge in your bathroom area. Perhaps you'll start with a shower bench of teak or bamboo to elegantly provide seating in your walk-in stone shower. Or perhaps the perfect lounge piece is a fluffy chair and ottoman in the corner where you prefer to get dressed.  

Whatever you choose, some extra seating in the bath can add to the relaxation and functionality of your home spa experience.


Are you ready to transform your bathroom into your own private spa? Contact us today to discuss a farmhouse sink in Fireclay or Copper for your bathroom or kitchen. We look forward to helping you make your spa bathroom a reality.