Luxurious Home Improvement Plumbing Trends of 2023
April 13, 2023

Luxurious Home Improvement Plumbing Trends of 2023

Home renovations are a way to customize, personalize, and increase the luxury of your home detail by detail. While most start with aesthetics like tile and paint, why not take a closer look at your home's plumbing? After all, plumbing can define the total quality of life in your home, from fast-warming sink taps to luxurious showers and baths. 

With the latest technology extending to the bathroom and the kitchen, there are some amazing new plumbing trends taking the home renovation scene by storm in 2023. Let's take a closer look at the hottest plumbing trends this year and why homeowners are diving into Wi-Fi showers, deep sinks, and smart metering with a passion.


Wi-Fi Shower Heads

A Wi-Fi shower head is the ultimate in smart home bathroom luxury.  Each shower head is its own integrated smart home speaker that will start with a voice command and can create voice profiles to remember what temperature each person likes their shower. Wi-Fi shower heads with LED lights will light up and change colors on command, or create a cool, relaxing color flow to better enjoy your shower.

The smart speaker built into each Wi-Fi shower head can also play music or your favorite podcast. Many also serve as an intercom and some can even answer your phone or respond to your smart home doorbell in the shower. Whether you're in the mood for a speedy shower with the morning news or a long relaxing shower with mood lights and music, Wi-Fi showers are a great 2023 plumbing trend.


Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater, or on-demand heater - heats your water as it passes through. Tankless water heaters are the most efficient type of water heater, as you won't be heating a large tank of water again and again. They also allow for endless hot water, never running out because there is no tank to empty, heat, and refill.

Installed close to your kitchen or bathroom, tankless water heaters can make your access to hot water nearly instant - no more waiting for the tap to heat up. You can install a large tankless water heater or individual miniature tankless water heaters for each bathroom, kitchen, or other space where you might want immediate on-demand hot water.


Soaker Tubs

If there's one signature to modern bathroom luxury, other than cool Wi-Fi stuff, it's soaker tubs. Deep tubs sunk into the floor, beautiful clawfoot standalone tubs in the center of a spacious bathroom, or a corner garden tub with jets - 2023 homeowners are crazy about bath time luxury--and it's no mystery as to why. With an increasing focus on work-life balance and self-care, a long soak in a hot tub is the perfect way to relax after a busy day.

Not only are soaker tubs increasing in popularity, but we're also building more custom beauty around them. Built-in bookcases and alcoves, steps leading into the tub, and fireplaces (real or digital) warming the air above them: long baths are in.


Wi-Fi Water Filter Tracking

The last of the latest plumbing trends is a Wi-Fi-enabled water heater. These range from whole-home water filtration to the filter on a single sink faucet. The smart water filter device doesn't just tell you how many gallons of water you have filtered, it also tells you the relative purity of your water and when your water filter medium needs to be changed. This can be extremely useful, as it is otherwise difficult to detect when a water filter's medium has run out unless you start seeing little carbon pieces in your water from a breaking-down filter.

Depending on the model, the Wi-Fi updates can keep you apprised both of how well your filter is doing and what is being filtered out of the tap water before it reaches your cup or is used for washing in the home.


Farmhouse Sinks

Similar to the soaker tub trend is a growing love of comfort in the kitchen, embodied by the farmhouse sink. A farmhouse sink has a broad, rounded "apron" that is comfortable to lean against instead of the hard edge of a countertop. These sinks are also deeper than most, whether you choose one or two basins, making it easy to wash just about anything in the whole house. You can wash dogs, babies, small appliances, and turkeys for roasting, or fill the sink with ice for a house party - you can't beat the beauty and utility of a comfortable farmhouse sink.


Heated Floors

Heated floors are another bathroom luxury that has become a growing plumbing trend for 2023. There are several types of floor heating, and one connects directly to a cycled water heater, running heated liquid in tubes below your tile floor. You can actually use the same technology to heat your countertops, and the tiles in your shower for a delightfully warm bathroom or kitchen experience on cold winter mornings.


Touchless Faucets

Voice-activated faucets are a great plumbing trend for cleanliness; no more worrying about faucet handles or getting the temperature just right. Touchless sinks, or smart sinks, integrate with your smart home and activate at a voice command. These faucets are convenient in the kitchen when your hands are full or when you've been chopping meat, or in the bathroom when you want to wash up quickly.

Touchless sinks can also include a colorful LED display. Some indicate the heat of the water (red for hot, blue for cold, green for just right), or you can find one that color-coordinates with your smart shower head mood lighting.


Smart Water Usage Meters

You can also keep track of how much water each of your plumbed-in appliances is using. Whether your goal is water conservation, leak detection, or you're just curious about the flow of water through your house, smart water meters are installed in-line with your plumbing and send a readout to your phone using an app to tell you when and how much water is being used. You can keep track of gallons per clothes washing load, per shower, or per flush. You can detect if your toilet is running all night, how often your water heater refills, and how much water your refrigerator uses to make ice, just to name a few.


Embracing Modern Luxury with Plumbing Renovations

If you are planning to renovate your home in the near future, don't overlook the benefits of plumbing upgrades, especially with the introduction of luxurious designs and cutting-edge plumbing tech that makes every upgrade worlds better than the old fixtures you had before. Here at Fossil Blu, we are enthusiastic about every upgrade to kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more. Contact us today to learn about farmhouse sinks and how you can integrate the latest features like touchless faucets and heated floors into your luxury plumbing renovation designs.